ROAL (Reserve Officers Association League) is an organization with membership open to all family members of ROA members, as well as ROA members themselves who choose to have dual membership.  The stated purpose of ROAL is to help ROA in their support of a strong national security.

ROAL has worked with the Defense Education Fund (DEF) since its inception, being one of its largest contributors.  ROAL Clubs and Departments have recently stepped up to the plate and have contributed to the Capital Campaign.  In addition to these activities, members nation wide have joined the “Sew Much Comfort” organization, sewing pants that recovering soldiers and sailors can wear over braces, fixators, casts, prosthetics and burns.  Members are working on providing necessary pillows for our injured servicemen to use while being transported from field hospitals to the hospital in Germany.

Many Clubs and Departments have set up networking groups to assist new military who move into their areas, as well as helping those families who have a member deployed. ROAL clubs and departments support organizations like Fisher Houses, Ronald McDonald Houses, USO, VA hospitals and the like.  We give back to those who have given so much to our communities and nation.

As family members of service personnel themselves, ROAL members work to support our national security by helping other service family members and servicemen, veterans, ROTC cadets and all others who have chosen to serve our nation.  When asked “What does ROAL do for me?”, the answer is “Nothing, except give you the chance to help others in the military family who have given you so much in the past.”  ROAL steps in wherever needed to be of comfort and support to all military personnel.  Any ROA member cam sponsor any number of family members in ROAL.  The larger our membership, the more we can do to support our military families.  We hope that the old picture of ROAL as an officers wives club can be erased permanently, and that all those in ROA will come to realize what a valuable service ROAL has given, still gives and will continue to give to ROA and all military families.

Please join us. ROAL welcomes the active support of all who support our military families. Click to DOWNLOAD the ROAL membership application.