ROAL received its National Charter at the 1949 ROA Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ROAL has approximately 100 Clubs in the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe.

The ROAL mission, in support of the ROA that is chartered by Congress, is to support a military policy for the United States that will provide adequate National Security and to assist in the development and execution of the policy. We attempt to accomplish this goal as we:

1. Extend the aims of the Reserve Officers Association of the United States by the dissemination of information on adequate National Security, especially to our members.

2. Coordinate and cooperate in activities of the Reserve Officers Association when requested.

3. Assist in the promotion of legislation sponsored by the Reserve Officers Association.

4. Further acquaintance among families of Reserve Officers.

5. Support military communities with programs that support deployed soldiers and their families.

As a Member of ROAL

ROAL (Reserve Officers Association League) is an organization with membership open to all family members of ROA members, as well as ROA members themselves who choose to have dual membership.

You will belong to a nationwide, patriotic, voluntary organization that centers its whole interest on adequate National Security for our Country and is the only organization exclusively organized to support ROA.

You will learn how you can do your share in promoting the aims of the Reserve Officers Association and in disseminating information on National Security to other people in your community.

You will have the opportunity to meet, assist and/or build friendships with Reserve Officers and their family members and also spouses and families of deployed soldiers..

You will receive a National Newsletter three times a year which will keep you informed of the current critical issues faced by ROA and the work of our ROAL Clubs around the world. Your National, Department and Club Officers will receive more frequent information designed to help coordinate our overall activities as well as periodic legislative updates supplied by ROA.

You will add your voice to the voices of those who have helped to promote Reserve training, promotion by law, disability retirement, uniform allowance, Reserve retirement, longevity pay, Armed Forces Reserve Act, Reserve Officers Personnel Act, Survivor’s Benefits and numerous other benefits for the Reservists and their families.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving back to our Modern Minute Men… Our Armed Forces Reserve.

When asked “What does ROAL do for me?” the answer is “Nothing, except give you the chance to support others in the military family who have given so much in the past.